What is a CAC?

A CAC, provides a neutral, home-like setting where child victims of sexual and physical abuse may receive a wide-range of services including joint team interviews by the Department of Human Resources and law enforcement personnel; multi-disciplinary case review teams made up of representatives from the Alabama Department of Human Resources, law enforcement entities, mental and physical health, medical, the District Attorney, and the child advocacy center; tracking of child abuse cases to assure that the children and their families receive the services they need; referrals for medical exams; and mental health counseling.

Centers also offer training to recognize and treat child abuse and education for all community personnel who work with children in any way.

Child advocacy centers offer assistance to the Alabama Department of Human Resources, the District Attorney’s office, and law enforcement entities by providing expertise in the areas of interviewing, counseling, case tracking and testimony on behalf of the child. They also provide support to caregivers.